The Avelana - Woollen Mills , SA . , Founded in February 1986 by Avelino Mano Gonçalves is a textile company specialized in producing and marketing the widest range of knitwear for making clothing .
Initially it was a small family business , named " Avelino Mano Gonçalves", but on February 2nd 1987, it was converted into a private limited company " Avelana - Knitting Factory , Inc."
Over the years we've acquired knowledge and management skills, always evolving with sustained and continuous investments in order to increase production. Soon, new and bigger facilities were needed.
On September 29th 2000 , already installed in the new, larger building built from scratch , carefully thought to meet the needs of the activity, we reached the current designation "Avelana - Woollen Mills Limited"
Attentive to trends in the increasingly demanding market, the administration has always pursued cutting edge technology and innovation , looking always to serve the requests of the market .
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